Good Governance Network

How we do it

Consultancy and Health Check Services

  • Learn from our clients and their residents about what they need 
  • Design a product which meets those requirements
  • Deliver the service efficiently and cost effectively including providing practical help and sharing our wealth of knowledge
  • Evaluate and review outcomes to ensure that the requirements have been met

Teaching and Support Services

  • Learn from our clients about what they need  therefore much of our work is bespoke
  • Are not ‘chalk and talk’ or lecturing in our approach.  We believe people learn more and this learning is more effective, if they ‘do’ things. 
  • Develop training that is highly interactive which encourages a positive learning environment, with lots of laughter.
  • Offer coaching and access to online and telephone support
  • Undertake a training needs analysis which is carefully analysed to develop programmes
  • Use continuous reflective learning approaches to measure outcomes and celebrate success