Customer Boards and Local/Service Delivery Boards

Many associations in group structures are realigning their work into broad streams across the group and changing the way the organisations are governed. Many of the association traditional boards are being wound up and new customer boards or service delivery boards are being developed to oversee local service delivery. We can support these new structures by offering independent tenant advice, coaching and mentoring those involved and providing a wide range of training suited to those involved in monitoring services and governance see also our courses in the Academy.

We are particularly skilled in the areas of team and group dynamics and group roles therefore we can help both residents and staff at the start of these new ventures to get it right first time taking advantage of the learning in the sector over many years of running panels, forums and board support.

We offer: 

  • Support to develop recruitment and interviews for new members 
  • Undertake taster days  to make sure you get the the right tenants in the right kind of group where they can make a difference
  • Provide ongoing support and training based on the needs of specific groups
  • Train and mentor your staff to administer and support cusotmer boards and local delivery boards