Tenant Management Organisations

A Tenant Management Organisation is a means by which council (or housing association) tenants and leaseholders can collectively take on responsibility for managing all or some of the housing services their landlord provides.

Estate Management Boards, Local Management Agreements or Neighbourhood Charters are other options for tenants to have a strong say in the management of their communities.

Whilst most TMOs have been set up by local authority tenants under the ‘Right to Manage’ legislation, the advent of the ‘Big Society’ and Localism Bill strongly hints that this option should be more easily available to housing association tenants also.

We are currently working with developing TMOs as Lead Advisor and/or training provider – as well as one housing association seeking to develop this model in a new build complex.

Although under review, TMOs have to meet robust criteria laid out in the Common Assessment Model (CAM). We have a range of innovative approaches to assisting groups to meet this criteria, which moves away from the traditional 'chalk and talk' model.