Our approach to Scruitiny Groups

Developing and supporting successful scrutiny groups requires a wide range of approaches and understanding of the learning styles of those involved. We have developed a wide range of modules that are easy to undertake. We work with staff to help them to take on the role of training delivery. We also offer independent advice to new scrutinisers’ which includes online and telephone support. We have spoken at many conferences on the subject of co-regulation and scrutiny therefore we would be happy to speak at your conference or to any resident groups who may want to find out more.

Embedding scrutiny into the governance of the organisation is crucial to effective co-regulation and we can facilitate this process, including merging Board/Scrutiny governance paperwork and reporting processes or designing bespoke.

Coaching and mentoring residents new to scrutiny and independent facilitation* of scrutiny groups are increasingly popular ways of embedding new and effective ways of working.


* stair-cased down until groups are ready to run on their own